HAPPYFIT Gym Ball 65 Cm

Color Pink
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  • Pump included
  • Pregnant: Height <160cm
  • Not Pregnant: Height 160cm - 175cm
VERSATILITY Strengthen your back, flatten your stomach, improve your posture and stretch. BURST RESISTANCE If it gets punctured, don't worry - it goes down slowly.

This Gym Ball will help you in perfect training. Ideal for training, toning and strengthening your muscles, you can use weights to train other areas of your body, including your chest, shoulders and arms. This gym ball is great for improving your balance and coordination. - Gym ball with a diameter of 65cm.
  • A great exercise alternative for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Easy in nursing. Already got a pump to pump this Gym Ball.
  • Maximum user weight 125kg

    Diameter 65cm