HAPPYFIT Kettlebells 10 Kg

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Neoprene Kettlebell is a ball-shaped iron tool that has a handle at the top and is usually used for weight training. Neoprene Kettlebells are made from solid high quality cast iron coated with Neoprene material for additional protection and an anti-slip (non-slip) surface. Not only that, the wide, textured handle helps ensure a comfortable and secure grip, whether one or two hands. Happyfit Neoprene Kettlebell supports a variety of resistance exercises.
Benefits of Training Using Neoprene Kettlebells:
  • Train and shape muscles, starting from the back, chest, core, thighs, to arms.
  • Improves posture while maintaining bone density.
  • Good for maintaining heart and respiratory health
  • It is effective for helping you lose weight because when you do it, several muscles will be trained at once.

    Neoprene Surface