HAPPYFIT Massage Ball Spiky

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The Yoga Trigger Massage Ball is a tool specifically designed to release tension, stimulate blood circulation, and soothe pain. Yoga Trigger Massage Ball is specifically used on areas of the body such as the hands and feet.

Features: there are soft spines that function at acupressure points


Deep tissue massage

Myofascial release (chronic pain disorder affecting joints and muscles)

Warm up/pre-workout

Cool down/post workout

Acupressure / Trigger point therapy

Benefits of Exercise Using the Yoga Trigger Massage Ball:

  • Improves circulation and elasticity within the muscles
  • Improve strength and range of motion
  • Improve balance
  • Increases the power that comes from the muscles
  • Suitable for runners, triathletes and overall athletes


diameter : 9CM+7.5CM; 2 size/set
Berat: 0,19kg/set