HAPPYFIT Ankle & Wrist Weights 0,5 Kg (2 Pcs)

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Weight: 0.5 kg x 2 pcs
Material: Neoprene, Iron Sands

Ankles & Wrist weights are additional weights to wear on the ankles or wrists. Can be used to add extra endurance during light cardiovascular activities, pilates, and yoga.

Ankles & Wrist weights are designed as small heavy weights that are worn around the ankle with a Velcro strap. In fact, ankle weights can also be worn on the wrist. Overall, ankle weights offer many fitness benefits and can be used safely.

Benefits of using ankle & wrist weights:
- Increase body endurance
- Build muscle & resilience
- Makes legs slimmer & tight
- More calories burned 

Neoprene, Iron Sands

0,5 kg x 2 pcs