HAPPYFIT Ribbed High Waist Biker Shorts

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RIBBED HIGH WAIST Biker Shorts are specially designed with soft and natural RIB® fiber material. Can be used for light exercise, yoga and everyday use.

Waistband: Wide, elastic, anti-curling

Rise: High waisted

Product Details:

  • Biker shorts with a high waist and no T-Line
  • Anti-curling. The waistband does not roll in/out
  • Suitable for light exercise & yoga
  • The outer part is made of fine woven fabric with a ribbed design.
  • The inside is made of fine cotton which is comfortable against the skin and soft
  • Elastic
  • Comfortable and not tight to use
  • Dries quickly if exposed to sweat
  • Has good water and sweat absorption capabilities

    69% Nylon, 31% Spandex

    1. Wash with cold water and use neutral detergent
    2. After washing, spin it lightly and dry it in a cool place
    3. Do not use bleach or iron
    4. Wash by hand to avoid damage to elasticity
    5. Wash light colored clothes separately