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Happyfit Sit-Up Bar is a tool to help various sports, such as sit ups, flat support, push ups and so on. Made from Polypropylene and Rubber which is coated with thick foam on the two handles so that it is comfortable and safe to use to support your feet during training.

The Happyfit Sit-Up Bar also helps reduce pressure on your back when doing sit-ups. The Happyfit Sit-Up Bar has 2 adjustable height levels, starting from 19cm and 21cm. The Happyfit Sit-Up Bar is small and light in size so it is easy to carry and move to your training area, and is securely attached to the floor or ceramic tiles in your home.

Polypropylene (PP) & Rubber

Length : 26cm Height: 19-21cm
Height adjustable: 2 Suction cup
diameter: 14,5cm