HAPPYFIT Toning Tube Set (10 In 1) + Pouch

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Toning Tube Resistance Bands is a training tool in the form of an elastic rope/tube which is good for increasing mobility and strength, a tool for yoga, Pilates or for injury rehabilitation. Suitable for men and women.

1. Toning Tube with 5 different levels:

  • Yellow 5x8x1200mm (Max weight 10LB)
  • Red 5x9x1200mm (Max weight 15LB)
  • Blue 6x10x1200mm (Max weight 20LB)
  • Green 7x10x1200mm (Max weight 25LB)
  • Black 6x11x1200mm (Max weight 30LB)

2. Door anchor 1pc

3. Anchor straps 2pcs

4. Foam handles 2pcs

5. Material is foam

Soft handle for a comfortable grip
A great choice for your flexibility
Training and exercises
Convenient to exercise anytime and anywhere
Easy to store and carry
Tube connecting is safe and durable