HAPPYFIT 24 Knots Massage Hula Hoop

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24 Knots Massage Hula Hoop is the latest innovation of the Hula hoop exercise. If you're having trouble surviving and often dropping the Hoop, with this tool it's not anymore. You can train the stomach while massaging the muscles in the abdomen. Also equipped with a 400 gram weighted ball that keeps your workouts effective and more optimally burns belly fat.


  • Adjustable knots

Benefits of Exercise Using the Grip Ring:

  • Useful for stabilizing core muscles and spine.
  • Burning body calories.
  • Maintaining heart health.
  • Increases concentration. 
  • Training balance.
  • Good for the muscle strength of the lower body.
  • Keep the posture.

PVC nylon rope: NYLON ROPE
Weight ball material: 400G,IRON SANDS INSIDE

Size: 106cm
Weight: 1,7kg