HAPPYFIT Core Slider Round

Color Lilac
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Core Slider Round is a training tool that uses your body weight as a load to maintain balance and core muscle strength. 


  1. Can be used both on carpet and on the floor
  2. Can be carried anywhere while travelling
  3. Can train the whole body
  4. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use
  5. Includes a pouch as a storage tool to make it more neat and convenient to carry.

Benefits: Exercising using the Core Slider Round will improve your core balance and strength over time.

Adding a slider to your exercise will make the exercise feel more challenging overall. In addition to the main benefits (stability and core muscles), sliders can make you train other muscles more intensely than usual. As a bonus, your brain is very busy trying to manage your workout activity, which means you will also train your mind and your ability to really focus on doing the workout in the right way.

PP, Neoprene

Size:diameter 17.5CM