HAPPYFIT [Free Strap] Yoga Mat Tpe 8mm Asana

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8mm/ 0.8cm TPE Mat

Advantages of TPE yoga mats:

  • Made from biodegradable TPE THERMAL PLASTIC ELASTOMER (FOAM) which can be recycled.
  • Does not contain latex, PVC or rubber.
  • The surface has grooves with interesting patterns and at the same time provides strength in doing yoga poses without having to worry about slipping.
  • TPE yoga mats are characterized by being light, even though they have sufficient thickness. This is not the case with rubber material which is quite heavy if the thickness reaches 5mm.
  • TPE yoga mats have quite a lot of fans because they are very easy to roll and light to carry. Regarding its durability, it can be like rubber.

• NO toxic materials during manufacturing
• NO pvc
• NO heavy metals
• Made primarily of carbon & hydrogen
• NO latex or rubber
• Closed cell foam construction (no absorption of fluids - easier to keep clean)
• Lightweight mats

Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE)

183x61 cm