HAPPYFIT Water Bottle Stainless

Color Concrete
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Thermal Performance:

Keeping Hot with starting temperature 95°C : 3 hours (80°C), 6 hours (72°C), 12 hours (60°C) Keeping Cold with starting temperature 1.5°C : 3 hours (3.5° C), 6 hours (4.6°C) Product Details: strong stainless steel so it's not easily damaged if knocked around * Attractive design * Size and weight are not too big so it's suitable for traveling * Rust and leak proof Instructions for use:

1. Only for hot and cold water use

2. Close the bottle tightly before use

3. Wash the bottle before and after use

4. Avoid hard impacts on the bottle

5. Do not put it in the microwave or dishwasher. 6. Make sure to close the bottle cap properly

7. Storing milk or carbonated drinks for a long period of time will cause damage

8. Do not fill the drink more than the capacity.

9. Be careful when opening the bottle cap, because the contents may spill. Make sure to open the bottle in a standing position

stainless steel (inner 304 stainless & outside 201 stainless)

Length: 25.5 cm Width: 6.5 cm Capacity: 500 ml